The power of ROS and Unity, combined.

Make robotic simulation the way they were supposed to be made, pain and hassle free

What is ZeroSim

ZeroSim is a robotics simulation engine built on the easy to use Unity 3D development platform and the power of the Robotics Operating System (ROS).

ZeroSim is designed for ease of use and rapid development of all sorts of robotics and simulation -- from warehouses and industrial settings, to farming and outdoors -- from robotic arms to ground and drone based mobile robots.

Make Robotic Simulations, Faster

ZeroSim provides a multitude of tools for building robots and environments in Unity to interface with ROS.
Dynamic Simulation

Dynamic simulation

Dynamics simulation using the latest PhysX 4.x integrated in Unity.
Hinge, ball, linear and fixed joints. 
3D rendering

Advanced 3D Rendering

Advanced 3D Rendering, including the latest realtime ray tracing technology.


2D LIDAR, 3D LIDAR, Color camera, Color + depth camera, Stereo camera, IMNU, magnetometer, Contact switch, Altimeter

ROS Standard Controllers

Ready to use ROS standard controllers and plugins: differential drive, robotic arm controller, ROS TF publisher, ROS JointState Publisher.

ROS messaging communications

Full ROS messaging communications layers API. Includes premade standard ROS messages, subscribe and publish and action servers.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning Tools

Image Segmentation for training semantic segmentation algorithms.
Ultimate tool

The best things are free and so is ZeroSIM

ZeroSim is a project developed over several years by FS Studios for the rapid development of all sorts of robotic simulation projects for various clients, from robotic arms to mobile robots.

We are releasing ZeroSim as open source to support the community of roboticist and software engineers that have supported us over the decades. We are in active development and welcome all feature requests, bug reports, and pull requests.
ZeroSim is open source

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